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The inspiration for Blackbird Bakery came about in New York. After almost a decade living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, I succumbed to the cupcake mania that was gripping the city at the time. The city that never sleeps had developed an insatiable appetite for what my granny would have called “buns”. But of course, being New York, nothing is ever done on a small scale. What began as a quirky homage to those sweet, innocent days of childhood, quickly spiraled out of control. The humble cupcake sparked a nostalgic revolution of sorts. Rivalries sprang up all over town, life-long friendships were destroyed, turf wars were waged between bakeries, and lawsuits were filed - all over the humble cupcake. High drama, New York style!

When I returned to Ireland to raise my family, cupcakes had become part of my vernacular. Not just as a sugar rush, but as tokens of love and affection. My friends’ highs and lows were literally charted by cupcakes. Countless birthdays were celebrated by vanilla with sugary, pastel pink frosting and sprinkles. For a bad break-up only a dozen dense, chocolate fudge cupcakes would do to alleviate the pain. My baby shower cupcakes were some of the most delicious I’ve ever tasted because they were baked by one of my best friends.

A gift of cupcakes, whether homemade or store-bought, brings a smile to everyone's face. The little corner of the world that I now call home is well known for its passion for food. By bringing Blackbird Bakery here to Cork, I'm hoping to sprinkle a bit of New York magic into the mix. I hope you like it!

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